Forth – Port Edgar Yacht Club

The 707 Fleet has grown rapidly in the last couple of years, particularly in the Firth of Forth and at Port Edgar Yacht Club. It is now home to over twenty of these great one-design boats with regular club sailing and close 707 competition.

The Club has two 707s for use by club members for a nominal amount and itis a great way to try out a boat, and also get to know other 707 sailors in the Club.

PEYC is situated in South Queensferry, 10 miles West of Edinburgh, beside the dramatic sights of the , Queensferry, Forth Road and Rail Bridges. There is racing mid-week and at weekends.

Many of the 707 events are sailed on the Forth and there is a great racing calender, friendly but exceptional competititon and a great social scene. Between fifteen to twenty five boats normally compete at the Traveller competitions.

Contact Eddie Batchelor as the Scottish Fleet representative  Edward Batchelor <ed2000b@icloud.com>

Port Edgar Yacht Club, Port Edgar Marina, South Queensferry, EH30 9SQ

Forth – Royal Forth Yacht Club

The 707 fleet has been long established at Royal Forth YC, and they have a very popular One-Design regatta each year which attacts 707s from other clubs in the Forth.

Only 10 minutes from the centre of the city Royal Forth Yacht Club is Edinburgh’s longest established sailing club. RFYC enjoys a dramatic backdrop of Edinburgh castle, and has access straight on to wide open water, perfect for racing or for a cruise on the Forth.

The club has its own crane allowing club members to crane in and out to permit dry-sailing, and there are also moorings in the harbour for 707s.

Middle Pier, Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, EH5 1HF 
Office +44 (0) 131 552 8560
Club House and Bar +44 (0) 131 552 3006

Northern Fleets – Scarborough YC, Hartlepool and Tees YC and Sunderland YC

We have a resurgence of 707s  in our midst! After the sad demise of 707’s in Scarborough over the last 6 years or so from 11 down to 5 boats), we now have new teams and new enthusiasm.

 Scarborough YC is one of the only clubs on the East Coast to offer winter sailing. November- March we have the Autumn and Winter series with 6 races per series run every two weeks on a Sunday. This is without doubt some of the best sailing of the year! Conditions are generally on the limits with large swell and big winds. 

Having attained fleet status the 707’s enjoy their own start and recently racing has been changed to ensure races are held on a windward leeward course where possible.

Recent years have seen best turnouts in the Autumn and Winter series. and the sailing through the winter has helped keep the fleet active and competitive. Occasionally it has meant sweeping snow off the decks before setting off, something those softie southerners will know little about!

We now have a 707 fleet out in every race  and we are the only boats to achieve speeds of 15knts on the race course! The smiles on the face of every 707 sailor in the club after racing prove how much fun the boat is to sail!

Shameless & Humdinger are two new boats with rookie crews to our gang. They are learning the ropes and loving the journey.

Out two fastest boats – Black Sheep and a Grand Day Out are coming to Hartlepool in June for the Nationals.

Moving forward we are encouraging the 707’s as much as possible and we look forward to the Northerns in Scarborough on 3rd & 4th of August! We will put on a great weekend of racing. We will look after any crews wanting to store boats after the nationals to compete in Scarborough.

We have even secured discounted rates at one of the best hotels in town.

Scarborough fleet contact Rudi Barman rudi@terrortower.co.uk

Hartlepool and Tees Yacht Club – home to the very competitive 707 Sharky and our Northern 707 Rep Micky Early.  In 2019 they will also host the 707 Nationals.

Sunderland Yacht Club – there are now two Club-owned 707s based at the Club and we are hoping this can develop into another fleet? If interested – please contact Micky Early  micky.early@gmail.com

Burnham Fleet

There is class racing every weekend throughout the year run jointly from Royal Corinthian and Royal Burnham Yacht Clubs. There is also a hotly contested series on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer months run by the Burnham Sailing Club.  Another very popular series is the Crouch Yacht Club autumn series.

The highlights of the year are the local regattas. Racing starts at Easter with The Royal Corinthian regatta then the Royal Burnham Regatta takes place over the Whitsun weekend and is followed by the Phantom Trophy series run by the Royal Corinthian over 3 separate summer weekends, focusing on offshore and long distance racing. Finally the Joint Clubs Burnham Week commences the August Bank Holiday for 8 days racing.

Racing takes place in the tidal estuary of the River Crouch and the River Roach, and is always close with many mark roundings. Racing is usually in a confined area so a reliable echo sounder is recommended but it’s not surprising for visitors to find their boat and sail handling improves drastically when heading flat out at 15 knots towards the shore in 25 knots of breeze!

There are several options to launch and moor your boat. Most 707 owners use one of the local yards, Rice & Coles or the Royal Corinthian to crane in their 707 – This has to be done within 1-2 hours of high water, depending on the tidal range. Swinging moorings adjacent to the yacht clubs are available from Priors, Rice & Coles and the Royal Corinthian YC at very reasonable rates. At the weekends the yacht clubs run a launch service to the moorings to members and visitors.

Burnham Yacht Harbour is slightly up river from the town, and can offer a berth, extensive parking and ashore storage. They operate a travel hoist, which is more expensive but can operate at most states of the tide. For those who launch with a cradle, it also has a good slipway accessible at all times of the day but must be used 2 hours either side of high water.

The Burnham after sailing social scene is legendary. All the clubs and pubs and eateries are within 100 yards of your boat so you will never be far from sharing a beer with another 707’er.

RCYC have recently bought a number of 707s for use by club members and they are also available for charter.

Contact Eastern Area Rep Debbie de Boltz   via  debbiedb@hotmail.co.uk