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4th May 2017

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Added March 2017 - A series of 3 winter talks from the guys at the front of the Scottish 707 fleet- Upwind, Downwind and Starts.

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25th March 2017

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Results and Archive for 2016

Richard Plowright

Richard George Plowright-sadly passed away on Saturday 22nd October after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor just five weeks earlier.

Richard was the other half of a long sailing partnership with myself, lasting over twenty five years, and we were appropriately nicknamed "Little Rich" and "Big Rich"

Many of you will remember him at the helm of "Sin Bin" now renamed "Rammie", and his Osprey "One Jump Ahead" Richard was fearless on the water, and he was always at his best - in the heaviest and roughest conditions.

He started with a 11Plus at Filey SC in 1958, and went on to sail an Enterprise & Osprey there- and later a Streaker which he sailed at Ripon SC .He won many prizes in the Osprey and Streaker and was a popular member of each fleet and club. He then joined Scarborough YC where we shared "Sin Bin" He finally achieved his personal ambition and put together a fine 43 ft yacht from Arcona and called it "Lionheart" which he sailed on the south coast.

If I could sum up Richard in one word-it would have to be "LAUGH" everywhere he went, everything he did, whether on or off the water-was always of the highest standard, but he was always laughing. He was a great person to be around and to mix with. He will be sadly missed by all his Family, friends and sailing colleagues

Thankyou Richard for the great times we had.

Richard Littlewood

9th Novemeber 2016

John Lewis

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of John Lewis this week.

As well as being known by everyone as the landlord of the White Harte, he was one of the original 707 fleet in Burnham.

He was a greatly respected and regular Wednesday night competitor as well as National and Regional events. He last sailed "Baby Beluga" in July when he entered the Nationals at Scarborough. His name appears on many Trophy's and Cup's, both junior and senior.

8th October 2016

Scottish 707 Traveller Series Results

24th September 2016

The 707 National Championships

707 Nationals Scarborough Yacht Club, 28th/30th July 2016.

The four day National 707 Championships were held at Scarborough Yacht Club at the end of July.

Six different winners in 12 races indicates that the eventual winner, Seaword, didn't always have it their own way.

Day 1

Day 1 had light winds and a very challenging nasty little slop. The winning boat in Race 1 was newcomer Braveheart, and helm Pete Robinson commented that his heart rate was 150 for the whole race as he's never won in the 707 before (I'd be interested to see heart monitors on every crew-member, and we could play 'spot the broach'..). With a bunch of other boats always right on your tail ready to pick up on the slightest mistake, this racing obviously isn't for the faint-hearted.

Race 1 was influenced heavily by the start (and premature start of many), resulting in A Grand Day Out leading Braveheart at the first windward mark. After a close downwind leg, Braveheart took the lead which was held until the finish, although A Grand Day Out made a very close run of it with the gap being only 4 seconds at the finish with Baby Beluga finishing in third. Well done for Pete for keeping it together and avoiding the use of a defibrillator. Expected light wind specialists Seaword couldn't get going at all finishing 7th in the first two races, so it was going to get interesting.

The general tone of only a few seconds between boats at the finishing line was going to continue for the week.

In Race 2 local heroes A Grand Day Out helmed by Chris More must have had local knowledge to leave them clearly ahead in the increasingly frustrating conditions. Paul Gray and his new crew of Essex lads in Beaver Hunter were starting to prove their consistency by keeping in the top 3 in many races, a formula that has worked for them before. Everyone's favourite happy landlord, John Lewis, in Baby Beluga also had an eye on achieving steady results -- there must have been an Essex Team talk..

707 Nationals Day 1 results:
Race 1
1st Braveheart
2nd Baby Beluga
3rd Beaver Hunter

Race 2
1st Grand Day Out
2nd Beaver Hunter
3rd Baby Beluga

The much-vied-for " 'Richard' of the Day'" hats were closely contested. This daily prize is magnificently donated by the Sharky boat and is deserved by someone who makes a suitable errors.. such as being involved in multiple race infringements, forgetting to tell your wife you are away, being so hung-over they are still in bed when the first race starts, and even hitting other boats, jetties supertankers etc.... We always have enough contenders.

First Day 'Richard' honours to Micky off Sharky for over zealous rope pulling whilst on the foredeck resulting in the loss of the only winch handle. How they laughed onboard Sharky! Anth nearly split his mankini.

Day 2

The weather was a bit breezier and four races were held. Seaword started to find speed again, but did not have it all their own way scoring three seconds and a first with Sharky with a well deserved win in the first race. Rammie took two firsts, albeit the last one was regarded as a fluke as they gybed inshore to catch the breeze which actually worked and crossed the line at fine speed to the shock of Seaword and Beaver Hunter who thought they'd done enough. Keep looking over your shoulder boys..

Day 2 Results
Race 1
1st Sharky
2nd Seaword
3rd Beaver Hunter

Race 2
1st Seaword
2nd Baby Beluga
3rd Beaver hunter

Race 3
1st Rammie
2nd Seaword
3rd Black Sheep

Race 4
1st Rammie
2nd Seaword
3rd Sharky

Second day 'Richard' honours to Jamie of Second Fiddle. When leaving the boat after racing, he lost house and car keys from the unzipped bag, straight into the dock. Hours of fun continued whilst he searched for them with a magnet on a piece of string.

Day 3

Four races and four wins for Seaword who were really getting into their stride, which was unfortunate for the rest. Beaver Hunter were also consistent with 3 third places making these boats the ones to beat as they now lay clearly in first and second overall.
Race 1
1st Seaword
2nd Sharky
3rd Beaver Hunter

Race 2
1st Seaword
2nd Braveheart
3rd Beaver hunter

Race 3
1st Seaword
2nd Second Fiddle
3rd Rammie

Race 4
1st Seaword
2nd Baby Beluga
3rd Beaver Hunter

'Richard of the Day' was awarded to Mark off Valhalla for flying the "Dorito"- that is putting the spinnaker on upside down, which of course doesn't help when trying to win a race.

Day 4

The perfect start..
Valhalla should be given a special award for a perfectly executed port end flyer following which they led the race, but also for the wearing of kilts and appropriately mooning as they crossed the entire fleet. In typical 707 fleet fashion they got an enormous cheer of support -- I am sure this would be seen as unusual in most other fleets and events, but not in 707s. They were overhauled by Seaword on the final leg but it certainly boosted everyone's spirits to see such gay abandon of convention on the race course.

So, the final day had four boats in contention for movements in second and third places -- Baby Beluga, Beaver Hunter, Rammie and Sharky. Beaver Hunter was in theory catchable in second place but only if they had fundamental problems and their solid consistency showed no signs of changing until surprisingly they opened things up by scoring a ninth. Rammie blew the first race too having needed to beat Sharky to secure third place, but an 8th was going to cause problems. So it was down to the final race. At the end of the day Rammie's 2nd confirmed them in third overall and Beaver Hunter in second. Braveheart were steadily improving their light weather form with third in both races, although too late to affect the results.

Day 4 results
Race 1
1st Seaword
2nd Valhalla
3rd Braveheart

Race 2
1st Seaword
2nd Rammie
3rd Braveheart

Final Day 'Richard of the Day' honours saw change in the use of the 'Richard' prize as it was decided to award it for with 'Endeavour' and so it just had to go to Andy off Valhalla for pulling off the amazing port end flyer.

Thanks must be given to sponsors Z-Spars and of course Scarborough YC and their team who were kept going by Bruce Temple and Sam Usher and were more than generous with their hospitality and hard work on the race course.

The Race Officer and Team of Henry Wright, Kevin Appleby and Martin Gledhill certainly did not mess about in course laying and prompt starting of races. There is a lesson that could be learned by others here, we were started on time, courses re-laid in minutes and the next race started shortly after the last boat finished the previous race. So, inspite of light winds we achieved 12 races in the 4 days.

Overall prize of 'W' of the Week was awarded to Jimmy off Second Fiddle. Jimmy went out on Friday and stayed out until 7am. He then put himself to be bed for an hour but didn't wake up until 10.30 by which time he'd missed the first race. He eventually made the second race via special delivery on Rudi's fast speedboat and a RIB.

Overall Results:
1st Seaword -- Titch Summers/Dara O'Malley PEYC
2nd Beaver Hunter - Paul Gray RCYC
3rd Rammie -- David Smith/MikeFleming ASYC
4th Sharky -- Andy Hughes/Anthony Cooper THYC

13th September 2016

Port Edgar Watersports Sprints Slam

707 Nationals

10th - 11th September 2016

The Port Edgar Watersports Sprints Slam will be a weekend event 10/11th September at Port Edgar Marina.

We are hosting a big social on the Saturday night with live bands, great food and drinks. Tent camping and camper vans are welcome for those who wish to stay overnight and make a weekend of it. The marina has showering facilities.

JP Watersports Sponsoring a free bar on Saturday night.

The entry fee is £75 per boat for entries received and paid before 5th September 2016.

Port Edgar Watersports will pay for craning and berthing for all travelling boats.

For payment please call the Port Edgar Watersports office on 0131 319 1820.

NOR and Entry Forms can be found at:

Entries are now open.

1st August 2016

707 National Championships 2016

Final Results 707 Nationals

Full results can be found on the Hals Results service Under Class -> 707 Nationals

29th July 2016

707 Northern Championships 2016

707 Northerns The 707 Northern Chamionships were held at Tees and Hartlepool Yacht Club on the 16th/17th July 2016.

The first highlight of the event was exhibited by the great relationship between Hartlepool Marina and the Club when locking in and out of the basin. Trophies were awarded by the Harbourmaster for no good reason at all, with local boat Sharky winning every time. Normally such officials don't even like the yachties, but Hartlepool is a very different kind of place and the antics and craic was brilliant, and appreciated.

707 Northerns Wind for the first day of the event was forecast 10-15Kn offshore but ended up in a 18-30 Kn epic which provided fantastic sailing in relatively flat water conditions. Race Officer Dave Kitchen and his team did well to get four races were held on a well-laid course providing great beats and planing conditions downwind. Many boats had more excitement than required with Valhalla shredding its spinnaker by putting its mast through it (how did that happen?) and others with broaches and hairy gybes.

In these sunshine and increasingly windy conditions there were no heroics on the start line and all the races went off well. Race 1 was won by Seaword helmed by Andy Marshall with More-T-Vicar second. In fact all of the races were won by Seaword but the pursuing boats were always on her tail but by keeping a straight head, and the consistancy of no foul ups, meant they won the day with four deserved firsts. At the end of racing More-T-Vicar were lying second two points ahead of slightly weight challenged four-man Rammie. Saturday evening was hosted in the Clubhouse by Mickey Early and we were entertained by the Sharky crew, including one of their crew being the singer and guitarist in the live band. This was enhanced by the introduction of a Swedish Blonde at the bar - actually a real ale alas, but she helped the night go along so that many could not remember the way home.

707 Northerns Sunday was lighter altogether and more like the forecast of 10-15Kn.  A shorter course was laid to ensure that 3 races were run. Racing was so close between all of the boats and the race officer had his work cut out to ensure he got the order right upon finishing as all six boats were often within 30 seconds at the finish line. Rammie seemed on form leading at the windward mark in all races but eventually, and frustratingly, overhauled by Dara's gang on Seaword giving them seven wins in a row. This left Rammie in second place overall and More-T-Vicar third.

Thanks must be given to sponsors Profix and Hartlepool Marina and for the great organisation of Hartlepol and Tees YC. It is a great clubhouse and everyone agreed that with such a facility we would be delighted to return to any future events, if they'll have us.

707 Northerns Results:
1st Seaword -- Andy Marshall/Dara O'Malley
2nd Rammie -- David Smith
3rd More-T-Vicar -- Carl Allen

All photos with permission of the race officer Dave Kitchen

27th July 2016

707 Edinburgh Cup

Edinburgh Cup

Edinburgh Cup 1st of May

The Scottish 707 fleet continues to grow and its health was shown by a buzzing, and terrifically keen, fleet of 11 boats entering the Edinburgh Cup hosted by Port Edgar Yacht Club on the 1st of May.

A windy day saw some great sailing, and great broaches, mark hitting, dodgy starting and excellent boat handling. As usual one mistake in terms of a poor start, infringment or being on the wrong side of the course led to being uncerimoniously dumped rapidly to the back of the fleet.

The racing was so close with boats changing positions at every mark rounding and every leg. Crews worked hard on the short courses and a total of five races were run in just 4 hours. There are no discards in this event which, although harsh, means it is not for the faint hearted.

Cacciatore won Race 1, More T Vicar Race 2, Rammie race 3, Blue Funk Race 4 and 5, but it was consistancy that paid off with More T Vicar's helm Carl Allen and crew holding their nerve and racking up results of 2,1,3,4,2 steadily to win by just one point. Every other boats had a 'moment' and scored at least a 5th which lost them the chance to be contender.

Blue Funk helmed by NeilMclure were second and Andy Hughes and the Sharky team third.

A number of boats were enthusiastically crewed by people re-joining the 707 fleet having sailed them previously and recognising the fun to be had in this no-frills Class, or by the new, very skilled University teams who have experienced them during match racing or keelboat championships. We are excited to see this new generation of sailors and are looking at ways to make it easily affordable. There are a number of boats for hire and available in Port Edgar and these are being used by people wanting to join the class.

A happy, exhausted, and very enthusiastic bunch of 707 sailors are now looking forward to the rest of the 707 season, and worth noting is that there are already 12 boats entered for the 4 day Scottish Series.

David Smith

5th May 2016

707 Eastern Champions

707 Eastern Area Championships

707 Eastern Area Championships
30th April -- 1st May 2016

The Royal Corinthian Y.C. Burnham on Crouch, hosted the 2016, 707 Eastern Area Championships over the May bank holiday weekend, this annual event was supported by 4 local boats & a crew from the Royal Forth Y.C. Edinburgh, who just happened to be the crew who had convincingly won the 707 National Championships last September at Burnham. As this was only a 2 day event, they borrowed a local boat & used Easyjet instead of the A1! Thanks go to Matt Liss for supplying Mojito.

After the storms & unseasonable cold weather of the previous week, Saturday turned out to be a reasonable day, with the exception of the wind, which was light to non existent. After a short delay the race officer, Edwin Buckley, got he first race underway, however not a clean start as Beaver Hunter & Baby Beluga were half way down the first beat instead of behind the line when the flags dropped, Beaver Hunter returned fairly quickly but Baby Beluga only returned when he saw the X flag still flying, unfortunately for these two, the others were well on their way, with line honours going to Andy Marshal in Mojito, closely followed by Little Red Rooster & Racehorse.

Race 2 got off to a clean start with close racing & place changing throughout, some due to lack of wind on part of the course, resulting in a win for Paul Gray in Beaver Hunter.

Then came a change in the wind, it disappeared! so after a reasonable delay & a new direction, Edwin had to reset the course. Race 3 again was closely fought, ending with a win for John Lewis in Baby Beluga. Then the wind disappeared completely. Edwin then abandoned for the day. 3 Races 3 wins all to play for on Sunday! Maybe!

Sunday saw the sun come up but not the wind! All the crews were thinking about what they would do until the bar opened!! Edwin however had other knowledge! The fleet were told to get themselves on the water & against the odds a breeze started to rise, down the river we go! Hey, after a short delay we were under way with race 4, not to bore you at this stage race 4,5 & 6 were closely fought with Andy Marshal in Mojito winning all three. Race 7 was a win for John Lewis in Baby Beluga.

As the wind had picked up to all the crews getting their legs over the sides, there was time for race 8 the 5th race of the day. However after the start, the wind direction changed a lot of degrees, so after completing 2 legs of the course & Beaver Hunter 'reaching' into the lead, the race officer abandoned it! Again a short delay, to move the marks & thanks to our class secretary, Julia Batchelor, who volunteered to 'shame the men', jumped from Rooster in to a rib to speed up this process.

Race 8 then got under way, on a freshening breeze, resulting a win for Paul Gray in Beaver Hunter.

Back on the Balcony with beers in hand and a taxi waiting to whisk then back to Stansted, the winning Helm Andy Marshall was presented with the Eastern Area 707 Trophy, a Half Model, which the crew decided not to take back to Edinburgh on easyjet & asked us to look after it till their return to claim it again next year!

Our thanks go the Race Officer Edwin Buckley & his team who managed to create near perfect racing in very difficult, degrees of wind & direction & the lads (& lassie) from Scotland for making the effort. (just wish they weren't so good)

Bill Wright

Easterns Results 2016

3rd May 2016

Owners Survey

All 707 owners are requested to complete an owners survey. Please follow the link below.

21st February 2016

2016 Event Dates

Below is a provisional list of event dates for 2016. Please check with the relevant club website for confirmation.

1st Edinburgh Cup Port Edgar YC Scottish Traveller
Series Event 1
1st EasternsRoyal Corinthian YC Burnham
27th-30thScottish SeriesClyde Cruising
Scottish Traveller
Series Event 2
26th-30thUK National ChampionshipsScarborough YC
27th-28thScottish NationalsRoyal Forth YCScottish Traveller
Series Event 3
10th-11thPort Edgar Watersports' Sprints Slam Port Edgar WatersportsScottish Traveller
Series Event 4

1st January 2016

707 Scarborough

National Championships 2016

Will be held at Scarborough Yacht Club 26th - 30th July 2016

26th July Welcome buffet and drinks.
Racing from the afternoon of the 27th July until the 30th July.
Prize giving Dinner evening of the 30th July.

NOR, SI's and social program to be released in due course.

Download (pdf)
Notice of Race
Entry Form

SYC Website

4th November 2015

707 15

Elvstrom Winter Offer

Big reductions on sails ordered before the end of October.

Download order form.

Please contact Elvstrom direct for further clarification.

4th October 2015


The Association have a brand new Elvstrom mainsail up for auction.

All proceeds will go to the 707 Class Association Bursary Fund, to help those who may find the cost of travelling prohibitive and therefore encourage more boats to enter events.

Starting bid £800 - new main £1963 plus carriage - so a HUGE saving Carriage FREE.

Please send bids to:
Julia Batchelor, 11 Bouvel Drive, Burnham on Crouch, Essex CM0 8TW

Bidding opened on 17th September, and closes 5pm on 17th November, so still time to get your bids in.

If you have been outbid, we will contact you and ask if you would like to increase your bid.

Christmas is coming, so time to get your Christmas list written!

707 Class Association Committee

4th October 2015


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Added March 2017 - A series of 3 winter talks from the guys at the front of the Scottish 707 fleet- Upwind, Downwind and Starts.

Talk 1
Talk 2
Talk 3

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