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Added March 2017 - A series of 3 winter talks from the guys at the front of the Scottish 707 fleet- Upwind, Downwind and Starts.

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There are several 707 fleets around the UK, and there are a few stories of them being sailed elsewhere in the world. The known fleets are shown below. If you believe a fleet has been left off the list, please contact the secretary.

Helford Fleet


This has been the first full season of sailing the 707 at Helford. We have 10 boats on the moorings located around the river with regular turnouts of 8. Racing is close as you would expect.

We hold our racing mainly on Wednesday evenings starting and finishing in the river and sailing into the bay when weather permits. We have 4 main series throughout the season with sponsors providing prizes for each series. In addition we held a match racing day to home everybody’s boat handling skills, a Sat race regatta and an end of season Sat series holding 3 to 4 back to back windward leeward each day.

The club has adopted the class with open arms. We are beginning to integrate the juniors into the fleet by holding specific races where we must 1 or 2 juniors as crews. In fact 2 of the top boats at the end of the summer had several of these juniors as regulars on board.

In 2013 we welcome another 2 and possibly a 3rd boat to the fleet taking the numbers to 13.

We will be holding a South West Championships in August as part of the established Falmouth race week and a few of us will visit Scarborough to test our boat speed at the Nationals.

I make no secret that the Helford River Sailing Club would love to host the National in 2014/15.

Things are looking positive for a great 2013 sailing season.

If anybody would like to join our fleet or are down on holiday and would like a sail then please give me a call. Phil Badger 01326 340220 or e mail pbadger@h2ok.co.uk or contact the Helford River Sailing Club

Burnham Fleet


The Burnham 707 fleet numbers are rapidly increasing and currently stands at about 17 boats. There is class racing every weekend throughout the year run jointly from Royal Corinthian and Royal Burnham Yacht Clubs. There is also a hotly contested series on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer months run by the Burnham Sailing Club.  Another very popular series is the Crouch Yacht Club autumn series.

The highlights of the year are the local regattas. Racing starts at Easter with The Royal Corinthian regatta then the Royal Burnham Regatta takes place over the Whitsun weekend and is followed by the Phantom Trophy series run by the Royal Corinthian over 3 separate summer weekends, focusing on offshore and long distance racing. Finally the Joint Clubs Burnham Week commences the August Bank Holiday for 8 days racing.

Racing takes place in the tidal estuary of the River Crouch and the River Roach, and is always close with many mark roundings. Racing is usually in a confined area so a reliable echo sounder is recommended but it's not surprising for visitors to find their boat and sail handling improves drastically when heading flat out at 15 knots towards the shore in 25 knots of breeze!

There are several options to launch and moor your boat. Most 707 owners use one of the local yards, Rice & Coles or the Royal Corinthian to crane in their 707 - This has to be done within 1-2 hours of high water, depending on the tidal range. Swinging moorings adjacent to the yacht clubs are available from Priors, Rice & Coles and the Royal Corinthian YC at very reasonable rates. At the weekends the yacht clubs run a launch service to the moorings to members and visitors.

Burnham Yacht Harbour is slightly up river from the town, and can offer a berth, extensive parking and ashore storage. They operate a travel hoist, which is more expensive but can operate at most states of the tide. For those who launch with a cradle, it also has a good slipway accessible at all times of the day but must be used 2 hours either side of high water.

The Burnham after sailing social scene is legendary. All the clubs and pubs and eateries are within 100 yards of your boat so you will never be far from sharing a beer with another 707'er.


Scarborough Fleet

Scarborough Yacht Club's 707 fleet of nine boats continues to provide exciting and competitive racing. Having attained fleet status the 707's enjoy their own start and recently racing has been changed to ensure races are held on a windward leeward course where possible.

Recent years have seen best turnouts in the Autumn and Winter series. Sailing through the winter has helped keep the fleet active and competitive. Occasionally it has meant sweeping snow off the decks before setting off, something those softie southerners will know little about!

The 2012 Autumn Series was a close fought series won eventualy by "Black Sheep". The 6 race series saw one race cancelled due to 50knot gusts and another race that saw only "Black Sheep" braving the force 9 forecast and collecting a well earned first place. Other race winners in the series included "Humdinger" and "Second Fiddle", but "Black Sheep's" consistency throughout the series meant they were unbeatable once the points were totted up.

Scarborough held the National Championships in 2011 and the Northern Championships in 2012 and we are again hosting the National Championships in 2013. Plans are currently in hand for an action filled event.

Anyone interested in joining the fleet or wanting more information should contact Scarborough Fleet Rep. Bruce Temple

Bruce Temple (G Spot)

Solent Fleet


Over the last few seasons the 707 activity in the Solent has declined to the extent that they no longer get there own starts at the major regattas. There are still a hardcore of boats sailing out of The Royal Southern Yacht Club and a few dotted around the other Solent clubs.

A small number of boats also take part in handicap racing - notably Royal Southampton's two-handed series, of which the Island Double is best supported, with enough boats for a class result in some recent years. Boats are also occasionally seen in other events, such as the ISC inshore series, Royal Southampton events such as the Clarkson Cup and the Frostbite series.


Hamble Yacht Services is located at Port Hamble, about 300m upstream of the Royal Southern, and provides dry-sailing for a wide range of race boats, from 707's and Mini-Transat's to IACC and Open/Volvo 60's - plus a limited amount of berthing. The majority of Solent 707's are based there. It provides three options - in order of popularity (and also in reverse order of cost).

  • Dry sailing with up to 26 round-trip launches by the yard (which is just about enough for a full 707 calendar).
  • Dry sailing with use of a self-launch crane.
  • Marina berthing.

Around a dozen boats, including many of the most active, are based at the Royal Southern YC boat park, which has a self-launch crane. Members can ballot annually for use of the boat park. The cost is favourable compared to self-launch at HYS, but this is unlikely to be a short-term option unless you are already a Royal Southern member.

Another option is dry-sailing from Warsash Marine (01489 583813) at Stone Pier Boatyard. This is a yard-launched scheme, at a price comparable with self-launch from HYS for up to 30 lifts per year and storage ashore or afloat. Check with the yard for current prices and availability.

Another low-cost but high-labour option would be to trailer-sail from Hamble Point Marina; this is apparently the modus operandi of some Melges 24's, many of which tend to travel to events rather than being club-based.

Scotland Fleet

The Scottish 707 fleet has grown rapidly in the last couple of years, particularly in the Firth of Forth which is now home to around 17 boats.

There is racing throughout the year at the Royal Forth (RFYC) and at Port Edgar Yacht Club (PEYC), with class starts for 707s in all open regattas.

Royal Forth Yacht Club

Only 10 minutes from the centre of the city Royal Forth Yacht Club is Edinburgh's longest established sailing club. RFYC enjoys a dramatic backdrop of Edinburgh castle, and has access straight on to wide open water, perfect for racing or for a cruise on the Forth.

Middle Pier, Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, EH5 1HF
Office +44 (0) 131 552 8560
Club House and Bar +44 (0) 131 552 3006

Port Edgar Yacht Club

PEYC is situated in South Queensferry, and 10 miles West of Edinburgh, beside the dramatic sights of the Forth Road and Rail Bridges.

Port Edgar Yacht Club, Port Edgar Marina, South Queensferry, EH30 9SQ

If you know of any other Scottish Clubs with a 707 contingent please contact simon.peakman@blueyonder.co.uk


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Added March 2017 - A series of 3 winter talks from the guys at the front of the Scottish 707 fleet- Upwind, Downwind and Starts.

Talk 1
Talk 2
Talk 3

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