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Constitution of the 707 Class British Association

Version 2.04 — 25/07/2009

1 Title

The full title of the Association shall be the 707 Class British Association.

2 Objects

The objects of the Association are to promote and further the interests of the 707 Class throughout the British Isles and to represent the interests of British owners of 707s as follows:

  1. to keep members informed of developments concerning the class and any proposals concerning class rules.
  2. to organise British Open Championships and to coordinate the programme for other races for the Class in the British Isles.
  3. to encourage National and International competition in Britain for the Class.
  4. to negotiate with the Royal Yachting Association on any matters relating to the Class Measurement Rules.
  5. to promulgate information on technical development within the 707 Class.
  6. to keep a National Association Register.

3 Terms and definitions

Throughout these rules the following defined terms will be used:

  1. “The National Association” shall mean the 707 Class British Association.
  2. “The International Association” shall mean the International 707 Association formed to control the affairs of the 707 Class throughout the world. Such an Association shall be formed at such time as is deemed appropriate by the Committee in liaison with the Royal Yachting Association.
  3. “The Committee” shall mean the Committee of the National Association, consisting of duly elected committee members and members appointed as regional members.
  4. “The National Association Constitution” shall mean this document, which shall govern the conduct of the National Association.
  5. “The National Association Register” shall mean the register of owners of 707s in Britain, with their addresses, name and number of boat, to be kept as hereinafter provided.
  6. “The Class” shall mean the class of sailing yachts designed by David Thomas and made in accordance with his drawings and specifications, and known under the name 707.
  7. “The Measurement Rules” shall mean the rules relating to measurement, construction and racing conditions of the Class and governing the building of each 707 and its rating as a recognised boat within the Class for Class racing purposes.
  8. “The Registered Number” shall mean the hull number allocated to the boat.
  9. “The National Class Secretary” shall mean the duly elected Honorary Secretary or duly appointed Secretary as the case may be, of the National Association.
  10. “Certificate” shall mean a certificate to be issued, ratified and endorsed as hereinafter provided and recording:
    1. The registered number and initial ownership of a 707 and any changes in ownership.
    2. The fact that such 707 originally complied with the Class Rules on completion of construction, together with such particulars as may be required by the Class Rules.
  11. “Valid Certificate” shall mean a certificate in which:
    1. The particulars of ownership are up to date and entered on the Class Register of the National Association.
    2. Any endorsement required by the Measurement Rules has been duly entered.
  12. “Fleet” shall mean three or more registered 707s not under the organisation of an already existing 707 Class fleet, normally located sufficiently near to each other to permit regular racing between them.
  13. “Owner” and “Joint Owner” shall mean any person or persons, corporation or association entered on a certificate as owner or joint owner of a 707.
  14. “In writing” shall include use of email, fax, and similar means of communication, as deemed appropriate by the Secretariat.

4 Membership and voting rights

  1. The following classes of membership shall be recognised:
    1. Full Membership
    2. Associate Membership
    3. Honorary Membership
  2. Full Membership shall, upon payment of the prescribed annual subscription be open to any owner of a British Registered 707 or, in the case of joint owners, to any one of them, or in the case of a British 707 owned by a corporation or association, to a nominated representative of that organisation.
  3. Associate Membership shall, upon payment of the prescribed annual subscription be open to any joint owner of a British registered 707 not being a full member, or to all individuals or clubs interested in the 707 Class in Britain.
  4. Honorary Membership shall be open to any person having an interest in the National Association in Britain who is proposed by a Full Member and seconded by at least one member of the Committee and is elected by Members of the National Association at any General Meeting of the National Association.
  5. Members shall be bound by the National Association Constitution.
  6. Members acting as helmsman or entering 707s in races which consist of, or include, the Class shall be bound by the Measurement Rules.
  7. Each Full Member shall be entitled to one vote at a General Meeting of the National Association, or in a postal ballot. Associate and Honorary Members shall be entitled to attend and speak at any General Meeting but not to vote.
  8. All Full orAssociate Members of the National Association shall ipso facto be an equivalent Member of the International Association when formed.

5 Management

  1. The affairs of the National Association shall be managed by the Committee, which shall be the only body empowered to make recommendations to the Royal Yachting Association for changes in the Measurement Rules.
  2. The Committee shall consist of not less than six and not more than ten Full or Associate Members of the Association. In addition, each area, as later defined with three or more fleets, shall be entitled to appoint one full member to the Committee. The areas shall be: Scotland, North of England,West Country, South of England and East Anglia.
    The Committee shall have powers to co-opt any person to assist it, whether a Full Member of the Association or not, but such persons shall have no vote in Committee.
  3. Members of the Committee, and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Members standing as committee members, Chairman or Vice-Chairman must be Proposed and Seconded by Full members, except that existing members standing for re-election need not be Proposed and Seconded.
  4. The Committee need not fill a vacancy arising in the Committee unless the total number of Committee Members has dropped below the minimum of six.
    Committee Members appointed to fill vacancies shall remain in office until the following Annual General Meeting.
  5. At its first meeting to be held immediately after the Annual General Meeting of the National Association, the Committee shall:
    1. Elect an Honorary Secretary or appoint a Secretary, who shall keep correct minutes and records of all Committee and General Meetings, together with the National Association Register, and shall be responsible for communicating the decisions of the Committee to Members of the National Association, to the Secretariat of the Royal Yachting Association and, when directed by the Committee, to owners and joint owners not being members of the National Association.
    2. Elect an Honorary Treasurer, who shall control the funds of the National Association: make such disbursements as the Committee shall direct: present an annual financial statement at each Annual General Meeting. The Secretary or Honorary Secretary may act as Treasurer.
  6. At meetings of the Committee, one-third of the elected Members shall form a quorum.
  7. The Committee shall have power to make recommendations to the Members in General Meeting, or in writing, for alteration or additions to the National Association Constitution or Measurement Rules.
  8. The Committee may arrange an Annual National Championship of the Class and shall co-ordinate such Regional Championships as may be required. All matters pertaining to International Championships held in Britain shall be settled by the Committee in consultation with the sponsoring Club or Clubs, the Royal Yachting Association, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the International Association when formed.
  9. At least three weeks notice of the date, place and agenda for any Committee Meeting must be given in writing by the Secretary to each Committee Member. Any business conducted by correspondence shall always be circulated through the Secretariat and any Committee Member not answering a motion communicated to him in writing within three weeks of the date of sending shall be deemed to have agreed with such a motion.
  10. Acceptance of a Certificate by an owner or joint owners shall ipso facto render him or them subject to the jurisdiction of the National Association or the Committee in any matter pertaining to Class Rules.
  11. If a member has acted to bring the National Association into disrepute, the Committee may expel the member, or take such other action as it deems appropriate.
    If action is contemplated against a member under this clause, the member shall be notified in writing not less than three weeks before the next committee meeting, and may, if they wish, address the meeting prior to a vote being taken and/or submit a statement in writing.

6 Power of the Committee

Subject to the provision of these rules, and in particular to the objects of the National Association, as expressed in Rule 2 the General Committee shall be empowered to perform all functions of management and administration.

The making of payments and receipt of monies shall be validly evidenced only by the signature of the Treasurer or his Deputy as appointed by the Committee.

7 Conduct of meetings of the National Association

  1. The Annual General Meeting of the National Association shall be held annually in the United Kingdom either in London or any other place judged by the Committee to be most convenient to the majority of Members of the National Association. The precise date, time and place to be at the Committee’s discretion.
  2. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Chairman or Class Secretary upon receipt by the Class Secretary of a written request, signed by not fewer than fifteen Full Members of the National Association.
  3. At least ten weeks written notice shall be given to Members of any General Meeting.
  4. At any General Meeting or Committee Meeting, decisions shall be limited to matters on the agenda, other than those concerning Measurement Rules and shall be carried by majority vote. Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a poll is demanded by not fewer than three of the Full Members present. At any meeting the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Secretariat shall be responsible for circulating all Members or in the case of Committee Meetings, all Committee Members, with the result of any voting. In the event of a postal ballot, all returns shall be made to the Secretariat within two weeks of the date of posting the ballot paper.
  5. At any General Meeting of the National Association, eleven shall form a quorum.
  6. Any proposal to alter the class Measurement Rules or Constitition shall be notified in writing to the Secretariat not less than six weeks prior to the meeting. Notification shall include the names of the Proposer and Seconder (who shall be Full Members of the National Association), the rule(s) to be changed, and the proposed new wording, and may also include back-up and explanatory information. The Secretariat shall circulate details of any proposed changes to the class Measurement Rules or Constitition not less than two weeks prior to the General Meeting. At any General Meeting of the National Association a decision to recommend to the Royal Yachting Association a change in, or addition to, the Measurement Rules or National Association Constitution shall require a majority of two thirds.

8 Subscriptions and registration fees

  1. Subscriptions payable for all classes of membership of the National Association shall be payable annually and shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and shall become due on 1st January of the following year. A member joining the National Association after 1st October, whose subscription has been paid for that year, shall not be liable to pay his subscription for the ensuing year.
  2. The annual subscription for the subsequent year shall be recommended by the Committee to the Annual General Meeting and voted upon.
  3. Any member whose subscription has not been paid within three months of the date due may have his name removed from the list of Members of the National Association by the Committee. A Member’s name may be restored to the National Association Register, on payment of any subscription due.

Subsequent to the formation of an International Association, a percentage of the National Association’s income from subscriptions, which shall be the same as that applied to all other National Associations, shall be contributed to the International Association annually as a general levy~ the percentage to be fixed biannually by the Committee of the International Association.

9 Accounts

  1. The Committee shall cause true accounts to be kept giving full particulars of:
    1. All monies, assets and liabilities of the National Association.
    2. All monies received and expended by the National Association and the reasons for such receipts and expenditure.
    3. All sales and purchases by the National Association.
  2. The Committee shall cause the annual financial statement to be prepared and presented at every Annual General Meeting of the National Association.
  3. A copy of the annual financial statement, duly approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman and the Honorary Treasurer, prepared for presentation at a General Meeting shall, not less than fourteen days prior to such General Meeting, be sent to every Full Member of whose address the Committee is aware.
  4. Once an International Association has been formed, a copy of the annual financial statement, as accepted by the Annual General Meeting, shall be forwarded thereto within 14 days of its acceptance by the Annual General Meeting.

10 Protection of 'one-design' of the Class

  1. The National Association shall assist the International Association to maintain the one-design character of the Class yacht and shall report to the International Association any matter which may appear to violate or threaten the spirit of the Class Measurement Rules.
  2. The National Association shall assist the International Association in making recommendations concerning the number and distribution of builders in Great Britain.
  3. Prior to the foundation of an International Association the matters referred to in (a) and (b) above shall be the responsibility of the National Association.
  4. No yacht shall be entered on the National Association Register as a 707 unless a Certificate has been issued in respect of such yacht, in accordance with the Class Measurement Rules.
  5. The National Association shall collaborate with the Royal Yachting Association in the allotment and issue of Class Numbers for British owned 707s as they are built, and in providing information on allotment of numbers, names of boat, names of owners and addresses and changes of ownership, to the Secretariat of the National Association.
  6. Certificates for British owned 707s shall be obtainable from the Royal Yachting Association which may delegate its duties to the National Association, upon production of a measurement form properly completed by a National Measurer or Official Measurer appointed by the National Association, showing the boat to be within the requirements of the International Measurement Rules.

Appendix 1 – Conduct of Championships

Purpose: this section of the consitution describes aspects of how the National Association wishes to administer Area and National Championships. It may be referred to, in whole or part, by the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for such championships, or copied into their text, as deemed convenient by the event organisers.

A series may be designated as an Area or National Championship by the National Association and so described in the Notice of Race. The National Association shall, where practical, ensure that the provisions of Appendix 1 are reflected in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions of designated Area or National Championships.

  1. The National Association may arrange for inspection of Certificates of all 707s competing in an Area or National Championship. Competitors shall be given prior notice than such inspections may take place.
  2. Anyone who takes the helm during races at a National Championship, other than for a justifiable short relief period or genuine emergency, must have been a Full or Associate member of the National Association for three full months or more before the start of a National Championship race. In addition, in order to demonstrate a genuine interest in the class, they must have helmed a 707 for a minimum of eight full races prior to a National Championship. Owners of new boats launched and certificated during that three month period or pre-owned boats purchased by newcomers to the class must apply to the National Association for a waiver of this rule.
  3. The same people shall be aboard throughout an Area or National Championship. In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or injury, the organising committee may give written permission for a crew change.
  4. With respect to Appendix1 clause 2., the National Association committee, in conjunction with the organising committee, has the absolute right to decide if any person is eligible in order that the spirit of the class is observed. The decision on eligibility will be final.


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Added March 2017 - A series of 3 winter talks from the guys at the front of the Scottish 707 fleet- Upwind, Downwind and Starts.

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