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Added March 2017 - A series of 3 winter talks from the guys at the front of the Scottish 707 fleet- Upwind, Downwind and Starts.

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About the 707

If you haven't guessed already, the 707 is a sailing boat. It is a one design open boat primarily enjoyed for racing in inshore waters.

Simple One Design is King. Who needs ten sails, rating wars, an army on the weather deck, a loo, a galley, nav table and bunks? Designer David Thomas and builder Peter Poland have once again proved that price, performance and a very crowded start line are the essential ingredients for successful racing.

David Glenn of Yachting World.

With a length overall (LOA) of 23'3" and beam of 8'2" the 707 carries a fractional single spreader Z spars rig, and conventional spinnaker. The conventional spinnaker allows better tactical racing in tidal conditions and allows the boat to race more competitively in the handicap scene. Upwind speeds are typically 5.5 kts and regular downwind speeds exceeding 12 to 14 kts are sometimes surpassed by memorable sleigh rides clocking 16kts plus.

Designed in 1995 by David Thomas (renowned for famous designs such as the Sigmas, Impala and Sonata) and built by Hunter Boats, the 707 burst onto the extremely competitive small keel boat market - the sports boat scene.

The 707 Class emerged into the one design racing arena with the best possible foundation; a designer with an excellent and successful track record, and a class association established and providing input during conception.

By 1996 the 707 had clearly established itself as the number one sports boat class for the national and club sailor and won the Yacht of the Year award in the same year. In 1999 the class produced the largest fleet in the Hamble Winter Series, with 40 boats entered.

The fleet currently has a good balance of core boats and a turnover of second hand boats bringing new people into the fleet. The attraction continues to be big fleets enjoying fast, exciting and very competitive one design racing. The fleet is still recognised for its cost effective and impressively close racing.

The healthy Class Association adds to the 'total scene' - excellent racing and loads of fun off the water. Notably sociable, it has created a superbly friendly atmosphere which is shared from fleet to fleet across the UK. Major events and regattas such as Cowes, Cork Week, Round the Island Race as well as the Class Area and National Championships attract fleets of 45+ and socials to remember. With sheet and other loadings less high than larger heavier boats, the boat is well suited to mixed-sex crews.

Fleets large enough to support regular class racing are well established in Port Edgar, Burnham, Hamble and Scarborough.


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Rachel Alvarado's
YouTube videos

Added March 2017 - A series of 3 winter talks from the guys at the front of the Scottish 707 fleet- Upwind, Downwind and Starts.

Talk 1
Talk 2
Talk 3

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Class Rules

The current class rules can be found here (pdf file)